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Please note:  we are having to enforce the payment of past due water bills. Bills are due by the 20th. If not paid by the 5th of the following month, service will be cut-off & payment in full of past due & current amount will be due in full to restore service.


Application for  Water - Existing Service - Residential

The City of Arnoldsville requires a completed application and non-refundable Application Fee of $175.00 for owners and $250.00 for renters for transferring an existing service into the name of a new resident.

Completed applications including fee payment must be submitted in one of the following ways:

1.)  Mail to:  City of Arnoldsville, P.O. Box 2, 154 Yancey Rd., Arnoldsville, GA  30619

2. ) Bring your completed application and fee to the drop-box located between the U.S. Post Office &  Arnoldsville City Hall, address 154 Yancey Rd., Arnoldsville, GA 30619.  If you choose to bring payment to the drop-box, please make sure you place it in the black, padlocked/slotted side of the box.  Mail is pulled from this box everyday.

Arnoldsville offers the following monthly payment options once service is established:

1) U.S. Mail; 2) City Drop-Box; 3) ACH Online Bank Draft; 4) Online Bill Pay. The form required for ACH payments is provided in the forms list below.  The Online Bill Pay option is available on the home page of this website. Click here for Online Bill Pay


Arnoldsville also offers e-billing.  It is always helpful to provide your email address even if you prefer a mailed bill.

 Water Loss Protection Plan at the cost of an additional $1.00 per month is available.  A copy of the plan is provided in the forms list below.

Application for Water - Residential - New Construction

The same application process listed above for Existing Service-Residential applies to new service with the addition of the

tap-on fees as listed on the application.  The new customer will also be responsible for the installation of any line needed from the residence to the meter.

Application for Water - CONTRACTORS - New Construction

Below you will see a link to the Application for Water labeled Contractors.  Please pay attention to the terms listed in italics on this application.  This information applies specifically to new construction taking place on the Arnoldsville Water System.  All fees are listed on the Application including Water Rates.  Once the completed application and fees are received, it usually takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete installation of the new tap and meter, depending on marking of other utility lines and the weather.

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